The next step in the Otay Ranch Master Plan

For the past 25 years, the Otay Ranch Master Plan has been the blueprint for thoughtful development in South San Diego County. It has created a variety of villages to live, shop, learn, play and work, while protecting sensitive habitats and scenic views. And today, it's still a work in progress, steadily bringing new neighborhoods, amenities and needed public improvements to the region.

Continuing with this carefully phased approach, the time has come for the next important step: the village of Adara at Otay Ranch.

Located between the suburbs of eastern Chula Vista and the more rural area of Jamul, Adara at Otay Ranch will transition between these two communities. Honoring the best of their distinct characters, this new development will feature private neighborhoods, public parks, an elementary school, improved roadways and more. It will be a place of balance and beauty. Explore what makes this community so appealing and fitting for the continued vitality and influence of South County.



Balancing progress with preservation


Once dependent on the military and defense-related industries, San Diego County now has a diverse economy that includes manufacturing, biosciences, digital technology and more. As this economic expansion progresses, more people are moving to—and staying in—South County, creating a demand for more housing. To meet this need properly, South County must continue to follow a clear, unified framework for community development and conservation. A plan that adds new neighborhoods, road improvements, and amenities while preserving the open space and spirit of the area.


The Otay Ranch Master Plan:
The blueprint for South County

Adopted nearly 25 years ago, the Otay Ranch Master Plan was the result of a massive joint planning effort between the City of Chula Vista, the County of San Diego and the public. This 23,000-acre development plan was approved after five years of detailed technical studies and numerous public meetings.

Over more than two decades, the Otay Ranch Master Plan has been carefully implemented from west to east.

The Otay Ranch Master Plan thoughtfully established a series of designated spaces from urban villages to specialty villages to business centers and estate areas adjacent to Jamul. It was designed to thoughtfully meet the needs of future economic growth, while protecting the character of South County. It preserved open space and created sites for a university and a regional mall. Since the plan's approval in 1993, its vision has been steadily realized, methodically creating a series of villages from west to east. The newest village to be brought to life is Adara at Otay Ranch. This community will bring new opportunities and vitality to South County.



ADARA at Otay Ranch,
Poised to make a positive impact

Adara at Otay Ranch will stay true to the vision of the original Otay Ranch Master Plan, while integrating the latest and best technologies and strategies. It will provide for the people who live, work and visit there with road improvements, key amenities, and much-needed housing—all while protecting the area's natural beauty. Adara will be a place for people to feel in touch with the spirit of South County, where they can explore its land through a sustainable trail system, enjoy the public parks, and live in thoughtfully designed neighborhoods.



Learn more about Adara at Otay Ranch:

Designed for everyone to enjoY

All the elements of a flourishing community 

An elementary school, a fire station, a sheriff’s storefront. Adara at Otay Ranch will include these key amenities, as well as a wide variety of spaces for people to come and enjoy the outdoors. There will be stunning public parks, a meandering 4.5-mile trail system, 3-mile park-to-park loop and more, all created to encourage adventure and family fun.

Anchored by a Village Core

Adara's Village Core will be home to the new elementary school, Village Green park and a neighborhood commercial center. This will bring residents to the heart of the community, giving people an easy place to meet with neighbors, picnic at the farmhouse tables, share a cup of coffee and pick up essential items.

Improved access

Proctor Valley Road will improve travel and any necessary emergency access between Chula Vista, Adara and the community of Jamul. To preserve the community character, Proctor Valley Road will remain a two-lane facility and will include 5 traffic-calming roundabouts near the neighborhood entrances. Most importantly, it will complete the long-planned regional circulation road for vehicles, bicycles, equestrians and pedestrians, while serving as the gateway to Adara at Otay Ranch.

An environmentally responsible approach

The plan is designed to be sustainable and environmentally responsible. As a net-zero community, Adara will feature solar energy on 100% of the homes and electric vehicle charging stations in key locations. As the community develops, 780 acres of natural open space will be transferred into public ownership as part of the Otay Ranch Preserve system. Key environmental resources and features will be managed and maintained in perpetuity by the County of San Diego and City of Chula Vista in their cooperative role as the Otay Ranch Preserve Owner/Manager.

A celebration of South County

Adara is more than just a collection of neighborhoods and key amenities. It's a place in touch with the unique spirit of South County. Each aspect of the community has been thoughtfully laid out to encourage people to live life in touch with their surroundings. From the scenic views and the preserved open space to the beckoning trail system and the recreational facilities, Adara is where people go to experience the best of South County.



Creating a special place to call homE

Thoughtfully designed neighborhoods

Adara will do more than provide an answer to South County's need for more housing. It creates carefully crafted neighborhoods, which will bring up to 1,119 unique single-family homes to the 1,300-acre village. There will be enclaves for 125 estates and ranchettes embracing Jamul, and up to 994 homes spread through private, gated neighborhoods nestled in the valley embracing Chula Vista.

Where the community connects

Adding to the recreational spirit of the community, Adara will feature resident swim clubs with pools. Here, families can spend the day splashing around, playing bocce ball, reading by the outdoor fireplaces and making the most of that San Diego sunshine.




Conceived by a team rooted in the community

The Jackson Pendo team of Liz Jackson, Jim Jackson and Rob Cameron has played a key role in creating and implementing the Otay Ranch Master Plan since its inception in 1988. Their professional achievements and awards prove that they're the team who can do this right.

For three decades, we’ve been invested in Otay Ranch, and in the future of South County.

As South County residents, Liz and Jim Jackson are true advocates for the community. Adara at Otay Ranch will elevate design and respect the environment, making this a place of exceptional construction, timeless architecture, and thoughtfully preserved open space. This community will be true to the guiding principles of Jackson Pendo: Live Inspired.





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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Adara at Otay Ranch? 

Adara at Otay Ranch is 1,300 acres nestled in Proctor Valley, northeast of Rolling Hills Ranch and Eastlake in Chula Vista and extending to the community of Jamul. 


What is Adara at Otay Ranch? 

Adara at Otay Ranch is a village within the Otay Ranch master-planned community, fulfilling the Otay Ranch General Development Plan/Subregional Plan and the County of San Diego General Plan vision for Village 14 and Planning Areas 16/19. It's designed to provide a balance of housing, recreation, neighborhood services and protected open space for San Diego families.


What is Otay Ranch? 

Otay Ranch is a 23,000-acre master planned community approved for development in 1993. The Otay Ranch plan includes a series of villages, including urban villages, specialty villages, rural estate areas, the Eastern Urban Center, a University site, and over 11,375 acres of protected and managed open space. Over the last 20+ years, eight Otay Ranch villages have been developed within the city of Chula Vista, phased in an orderly manner from west to east. Adara at Otay Ranch is the next planned Otay Ranch phase.


What type of Village is Adara at Otay Ranch? 

Adara at Otay Ranch is planned as a transitional village between the established communities in eastern Chula Vista and the existing rural community of Jamul. Planned for up to 1,119 homes, Adara at Otay Ranch will provide a wide variety of home sizes designed to create a vibrant community. Many of the neighborhoods are set in gated enclaves. Courtyard homes, traditional homes and large estate ranchettes provide a complimentary range of housing to help meet San Diego’s housing needs. 


What makes Adara at Otay Ranch better than the original plan? 

Adara at Otay Ranch is in a unique natural setting. The community is focused on an active lifestyle and wellness recreation theme. Amenities include four public parks across 15 acres, located within a half-mile walk to the homes. The parks will feature innovative recreation facilities such as a bootcamp workout area, dog parks, parkour stations, youth soccer fields, picnic areas, a yoga pavilion, as well as pickleball and basketball courts.

Complementing the public parks are three private swim clubs, pocket parks, open space overlooks, public hiking and biking trails and access to award-winning schools. 

A Village Core located in the heart of the community will provide a gathering place for residents to enjoy community events, concerts, movie nights and more. The Village Core also includes 10,000 square feet of retail space for a convenience store, coffee shop, fitness center, and other neighborhood services.

Solar systems on every home, electric vehicle charging stations and a net zero energy community are some of the pioneering features that set Adara at Otay Ranch apart from other communities. 


What kind of pedestrian trails will there be? 

Safe, sustainable trails make sense for our community. Adara at Otay Ranch will provide 4.5 miles of a 10-foot wide community pathway along Proctor Valley Road connecting Chula Vista to Jamul. A 3-mile park-to-park loop will connect residents to the parks and the village core. Parking is planned at a trail staging area in the centrally located Village Green Park.


How will Adara at Otay Ranch balance development with open space? 

Along with development of Adara at Otay Ranch, 780 acres of natural open space will be preserved as permanent open space for future generations. The Otay Ranch Plan includes a fully funded and managed preserve system. Since it was established in 1996 specifically for Otay Ranch development, thousands of acres have been transferred into public ownership. These lands are actively managed by both the City of Chula Vista and County of San Diego acting as the Otay Ranch Preserve Owner/Manager. This is a unique and highly successful model for preserving valuable natural resources.


What about public safety? 

Adara at Otay Ranch will enhance public safety and fire protection services by providing a new, fully equipped county fire station and sheriff’s storefront facility, improving response times and emergency access for the community and surrounding neighborhoods. Public safety improvements will be constructed at no cost to the taxpayer. Property taxes and fees generated by the new homes will provide much of the funding needed to support ongoing operations at the fire station, which has the full support of the San Diego County Fire Authority. The Otay Ranch plan establishes a 100-foot preserve edge at the perimeter of the community that provides a 100-foot buffer between natural open space and the home sites. In addition, fuel modification zones surrounding the perimeter of the community, combined with new design standards, fire-resistant plant materials and state-of-the-art fire-resistant building materials provide enhanced fire safety for the community. 


And traffic? 

Proctor Valley Road is an approved road in the County General Plan and the Multiple Species Conservation Plan. Adara at Otay Ranch proposes an even better plan for Proctor Valley Road. Rather than building Proctor Valley Road as a four-lane major roadway extending from Chula Vista to SR 94 in Jamul, scenic Proctor Valley Road will remain two lanes and the connection to SR 94 has been eliminated. Proctor Valley Road traffic will be calmed with five roundabouts strategically placed to slow traffic at key community entries. Reducing Proctor Valley Road to a two-lane road minimizes environmental impacts and stays true to the vision of Adara at Otay Ranch as a transitional village. All roads, public infrastructure and public safety improvements will be completely funded by the developer, at no cost to taxpayers.


What about other public facilities and services? 

In keeping with the original Otay Ranch plan, students residing in the southern portion of Adara at Otay Ranch will attend the Chula Vista Elementary School District elementary school planned in the Village Core. The Sweetwater Union High School District will serve students from this area in existing nearby middle and high schools. Students residing in the northern portion of the community will be served by the existing schools within the Jamul-Dulzura Union School District and the Grossmont Union High School District. The community will have sewer service as planned for in the Otay Ranch plan. The sewer improvements will only serve Adara at Otay Ranch and will not connect to Jamul. 


What is the timeframe for Adara at Otay Ranch?

Adara at Otay Ranch is tiering off the Otay Ranch approvals. Jackson Pendo Development Company is currently processing a Specific Plan and related environmental review as required under the Otay Ranch master plan. Following the completion of this review, the County Board of Supervisors will vote on the Specific Plan and related documents. While the timeline depends on several factors, a final decision is expected in 2018, with construction beginning in 2021. Full build-out of Adara at Otay Ranch will take approximately six years.